Patent registration of probe cards for wafer testing
  Selected as a global small and medium-sized company (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)
Selection of excellent venture companies (Corporate Venture Companies Association)
Auto Probe Device, Cam-Up Auto Probe Device Patent Registration
Selection of the National Health Insurance Corporation's excellent business establishment
   (National Health Insurance Corporation)
Selected as a promising small and medium-sized company in Gyeonggi Province
Gunpo City Sponsored Appreciation plaque awarded
  Establishment of a Chinese joint corporation (Suzhou Semiconductor test Equipment Co., Ltd.)
  Established as a local subsidiary of China (PTK China Co., Ltd.)
Selection of material parts specialized companies (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
ISO14001 Authentication
$3 million Export Tower Award (Korea Trade Association, Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
Award of Merit for Venture Startup Promotion (Ministry of Small and Medium Venture Enterprises)
  OLED Probe Block Overseas First Export (BOE) in China)
  Hankook Ilbo 2015 Korea Patent Award
  Proworks absorption and merger
Samsung Display Partner Registration
  Honest Taxpayer Award (The Ministry of Strategy and Finance)
Headquarters and manufacturing line expansion relocation
   (Gunpo IT Valley, Dangjeong-dong, Gunpo-si)
Selected as a promising small and medium-sized company in Gyeonggi Province
Registering a Film Type Probe Card Patent
  First overseas export of LCD Probe products
  Register probe block design for LCD panel inspection (world first)
Development of Probe for OLED with World's First Film Structure
  LG Display Partner Registration
Establishment of Corporate Affiliated Research Institute
  INNO-BIZ certification for innovative small and medium enterprises
  Registration of partner companies of Steco Co., Ltd.
Selection of designated companies for military service
ISO9001 Authentication
  Establishment of a PRO2000 corporation
Venture company certification