As one of LCD inspection devices, it is connected to the electrode of LCD Panel in the final cell inspection step which is a part of TFT (TFT LCD, PDP, etc.) manufacturing process in order for electric signal based visual test that is aimed at determining whether LCD is good. The probe unit is a core component of contact equipment.
Developed first by PRO 2000, it is a new type of Unit to connect COF directly to PAD of Panel. It is a new and innovative technology. Completely different from the concept of the exiting Pin Type, D/C Type brings about the innovative change in Probe Unit and leads the change in the trend of LCD inspection devices. In particular, it is capable of responding to all panels’ pitch. The COF Contact based technology contributes to large cost reduction and customers’ competitiveness, for it does not require any separate Pin making process.
- COF based responses to all kinds of pitch
- The new concept of COF Direct Contact
- Manufacturing cost reduction
- Excellent repairing
- Multiple-type and small-amount production in a short time
- Small pad scratches of panels
Classification of Probe Unit by generation
1st generation NEEDLE TYPE
1.5th generation BLADE TYPE
2nd generation MEMS TYPE